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Occupy Is Dead Long Live Capital

I am reading that Eminem has a net worth of $140 million, Ice Cube has a net worth of $120 million and Jonathan Davis has a net worth of $45 million. (I just googled their net worth and went with the first things that came up, but you get the idea.) I make $8.50 an hour. Now the revolution of the people is suddenly a great place to put out a video to help record sales. Wealthy (mostly white) straight men with privilege are telling us that ‘everything is fucked up’. I failed to see any call to abolish capitalism, but hey, when punk became a money maker it wasn’t exactly calling for the abolition of capitalism either.

History repeats itself, and an image of rebellion was presented at the occupy. It was hindered by the good liberals who saw opposition to the system as violence. What little left of it is out there seems to at a point where these capitalists might just be seeing an opportunity to exploit it for their own personal gain. I could not help but think of the crass song ‘punk is dead’ when I saw this video.

Yes that’s right, punk is dead,
It’s just another cheap product for the consumers head.
Bubblegum rock on plastic transistors,
Schoolboy sedition backed by big time promoters.


Well, it looks like occupy gets to go the route of every other counter culture rebellion.

Here the straight white male who became obscenely wealthy by peddling homophobia, misogyny and violence against women is telling us ‘things are fucked up’. Yes, sir they are, and you are part of the problem. You see, your shocking absurd bigotry you feel makes you so edgy is the same bigotry the fundamentalist Christians are selling us. Not sure what revolution you are looking for, but I’m not sure it’s the same one I want. Is it the revolution where you get to keep on pushing misogyny and homophobia? Is it the revolution where you get to keep sucking wealth from the working class?

It seems that left wing politics are morphing once again into a sub culture cool club for all the upper middle class to buy up and download. You can say you hate the establishment and then go to the local record shop and purchase the cool new single to go with it. I have a feeling that the Guy Fawkes masks were just the beginning of this.

Ernesto “Che” Guevara gave his life fighting on the side of the people against the capitalists. Now, every good capitalist who wants to sell official Che Guevara merchandise has their chance. His image is copyrighted and sold in every record store across the country.

Now, I’m not saying the image of Che is meaningless and I’m not saying the ideals of punk are meaningless. I am saying that the reality is that each movement will be hijacked by capitalists just like this. We need to move on and push past it. We need to stop this submissive revolution bullshit. As I said before, until we are ready to begin to organize, expropriate and overthrow we are pretty much just sitting around the park having a nice little party applauding each other for being ineffective.

Apparently some of the artists involved had the nerve to say Miley Cirus and Justin Bieber are part of the problem. I am taking this to mean they somehow are able to see themselves as different than these two. So, pop stars who dress cooler and act edgier are possibly better or something? I’m not really getting it. Not really seeing how these people can see themselves as different than what they are attempting to attack.

Now, I say this on the assumption that these artists had some part of the video I posted above. If this is simply a mashup then this is a completely different story, but after asking a few people there are those who seem to be convinced the video was done originally or with the support of these artists.

The Left is Left Behind

Endless philosophizing got nowhere. The back and forth bickering on ideas seems to be nothing but a misogynist display of my philosophy cock is bigger than your philosophy cock. It doesn’t matter when it comes to reality what philosophy you were clinging to.

There is no leftist movement that will accomplish anything of value. Those like the Occupy will not get anywhere without some foundation which it seems to lack. There is also the problem of the movement not being willing to go as far as they will have to go for revolutionary action. If they are stuck in tactics that are acceptable in the current political climate and society they will see no change. Revolutionary change requires revolutionary action.


At The Art Show

I did a display with the property panels over the weekend. There were many more than the couple I posted here. It was an interesting experience. A few of them said “No War But Class War” and others said “Property Is Theft.” This was with a great deal of other slogans and imagery. I’ll try and post a few pics here on the site soon.

The best part of the show was the interaction with people over the art. It was often apparent when some ‘got it’ and were in a position of privilege so took some level of offense. I had some fun conversations with some of them. Others did not ‘get it’ and that opened up for some great conversations. The reception overall was positive. The best part was really that it gave me the opportunity to talk to a great deal of working class people about these concepts that impact them. The reception was overall positive. Anarchism is something I found to be rather well received by the working class in this and not so much by the bourgeois. Is it any wonder?

Hearing people talk about property, hierarchy and the exploitation of the working class and coming to the conclusion that that workers are indeed being exploited by the capitalist was a great satisfaction. That is why I did the show, so I call it a complete success. Now, as I move to the next show I have bigger, grander and more elaborate plans for what is to come. I can’t wait to put it out there, and see just how everyone responds.

Santa Loves Rich Kids More Than Poor Kids

Here are the holidays. Black Friday is right around the corner and everyone is online saying you should boycott. The ads are coming out and for the first time in my life I have been around people excited to go out and get their Black Friday deals.

It’s the Capitalist holiday of consumption. Jesus died for your sins now buy shit! Give your kids cheap crap made by little slave kids in sweat shops around the world. And to show how good and kind we are we buy more crap to donate to toys for tots so the USMC can win the hearts and minds of the citizens in their annual PR campaign. No, we don’t talk about abolishing capitalism, we amp it up. Isn’t it sad that billy is starving? Well support walmart so his mommy can continue to work for less than a living wage and we can just feel good about buying that pokemon for some nameless child somewhere.

The only good will for all would be to smash this system of exploitation and poverty, instead you feed it and prop it up under the name of charity.

Red and Black Masks

If you click them the pictures get bigger. 



What Penny Rimbaud Said

You know, seven years away from your own being is a long time and we all were.

We were living a theater day and night. I remember once making love to Eve and thinking oh, I’m making love to Eve Libertine, I’m not making love to Bronwyn Jones who’s my girlfriend, you know I’m making love to a sort of idea.

In seven years you can become quite an idea of yourself and not yourself.

Nothing ever burns down by itself, every fire needs a little bit of help

Revolution, radical resistance to the current system is not something that will come if you just sit and wait. When someone asks me what I ‘believe’ or promote as an anarchist I often get this basic trained response ‘that will never happen.’ And… To some extent they are right. As long as they keep doing the same thing over and over and continue to play by the guidelines of their rulers it will never happen. You see I won’t make some anarchist utopia. I’m not going to save the world. Until people begin to resist we will stay in place under our rulers.


I don’t have to save the world or bring about a global system. To obtain my goals I simply focus on direct action where I can make changes. When others do this as well movements will spread. Every social and political revolution was impossible and destined to never happen.


Complacency is always the greatest tool the oppressors have held. They never need your support, just an unwillingness to stand up against them. So, I’ll just keep at fueling the fire. As the song says “Nothing ever burns down by itself, every fire needs a little bit of help.” So, I just keep throwing kindling on the wood pile and keep trying to start that fire. Eventually it will light.

The Profit Has Spoken

The profit has spoken. Through the revelation of the almighty and a little help from a few mushrooms that sustained my life while living in a cave I have seen what is to come. They have wondered from the ways of the lord. They have turned their backs on SUV’s, tithing, straight marriage and whiteness. They have rejected the red white and blue. They doubt the power of capitalism and they have sinned. Evil is in their hearts. They have not been blessed with the suburban home in the suburbs because of their iniquities. They are not managers, republicans and bosses because their hearts are hardened. They have stopped eating GMO beef and carrying firearms. They embrace the lies of science and psychiatry. They live in darkness.

Art For Money

I have made a decision to not make a living off of my art anymore.  As I mentioned before art is subject to capitalism. To make a living off of art will no doubt direct ones art towards areas that are most likely in service to capitalism. All these art school graduates are flooding into jobs as graphic designers and most are doing nothing close to what they were passionate about. Art is my  immortality.  I will live on through my art and writing. It is life after death. My legacy will not be that of the capitalist. My legacy will be built on the philosophies and beliefs that I espouse.

I found myself in a trap. I was attempting to create paintings that others would want to see. My art was aimed at being aesthetically appealing. Art to hang above your couch is not the art I create. I am not in any way talking down to art that is. Well not all art that is, Thomas Kinkade was about worthless. Perhaps that is my radical socialist view. Here is one guy preaching what is ought to be and turning the perpetuation of the lie into a capitalist enterprise. Fuck that shit.

So here I am. Criticizing my past art. I have done art to survive for years. My art has been design for corporate and military propaganda. I have sold shit to survive falling into the same trap almost every other artist fell into. How do you break it? I am not completely certain, but I do know at this point that my art must not be geared towards a sale or to please someone else. I must continue to create art that comes from that place that I am passionate about. I must be delivering the medicine for the corruption of the consciousness. If as Collingwood said art is the medicine I must ask if I am a snake oil salesman or am I curing cancer? I am going to try my damnedest to cure the cancers of society and stop peddling snake oil. What is the cancer? Capitalism, Militarism, Capitalism, Sexism, Hetrosexism, Racism, Religion, The State and all forms of hierarchy.

Property Paintings

labor is my property

Your Labor Is My Property – Slave